Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Don't Even Know

I really want to finish Anna Karenina, but I'm dragging. I haven't picked up the book in a week. The writing has been going phenomenally -- I'm so excited about that! But it's at the expense of my reading time.

For a while, I was reading a little bit every night before I went to bed. I tried to squeeze an hour out of it, but sometimes it didn't hold my interest, and I struggled to stay awake. Now, my nights have consisted of staying awake until the wee hours writing continuously. The results are stupendous!

I feel very conflicted about the whole thing. I don't want to be loser and not read the book ((it really does have its moments where it's wonderful...)), but at this rate, I feel like I'll never get to read anything else from my booklist. I feel like maybe I ought to pick a different book, something a bit more appealing -- something that'll be easier for me to read and enjoy. Maybe then the reading/writing will be easier to balance.

I kind of hate myself right now.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I, Epic Fail

I pretty much suck. I've been reading Anna Karenina for, what?, over two weeks now? I'm not far along, at all. In fact, it's so embarrassing how much I have not been reading, that I refuse to release what page number I am.

I fail at life.

Sort of. I say that because, while I'm still struggling to get through the novel ((it's taken over 60 pages to meet the main character: WTF?)), I have reached my main goal. It's not to read 50 books this year; yes, it's important, but I decided to participate in this challenge because reading encourages me to write. By reading, I'm assaulted by my muse, my inspiration, my what-have-you. And when I haven't been reading, I've been writing. And it feels amazing.

Granted, it hasn't been for my NaNoWriMo novel, but it's still something. I'm supposed to write everyday, yeah? Well, these past two weeks, I have been. It's been awesome.

So, while I fail, I still win!!

I love it.

...Hopefully I'll stop being a chump and actually finish Anna Karenina. Honestly, though it's a tad on the boring side, there are portions that just draw me in. But, like Love in the Time of Cholera, they don't last very long.

Anyway, update. Sucky as it is.