Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year; New Beginning

Hello readers,

I hope everyone enjoyed a safe and happy holiday season. The new year has begun, and I'm hoping to get back into blogging, being as it's a resolution of mine.

Blogging helps to fuel my passion for writing; I need to utilize one if I intend to pursue the other.

Another resolution of mine is to drop the 50 books a year challenge. It creates too much pressure for me, I think. Sad as that is. Instead, I'm just going to read. I'll continue compiling a booklist, and I'll keep a running total of every book I complete. But if I don't read a certain number of books in a month, then that's fine. At least I'm reading.

So, starting today: I am back. I'm updating my 2009 Booklist one last time (as I finished another novel last month). Then, I'm going to draft up another. Many of the same books and recommendations will remain, but I'm hoping to add a few more as well.

Happy New Year, everyone! And happy reading!

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