Friday, October 2, 2009

Hello, I am Fail

I'm absurdly positive I'm not going to have 50 novels read by January. My course load is ridiculous. *sigh*

I'm currently trying to read three books: Jane Eyre, Echoes and The Butterfly Tattoo. The first is too difficult to read in public, so I try to read it before bed -- if I manage not to pass out. The second is to kill time in between classes, but said time has mostly been used on homework. The third is on my iPod Kindle Application that I read while at work, 'cause I ain't allowed to have books at work. iPods are probably bad, too, but it's easier to hide. *wink*

Now, I'm getting information on three Lois Duncan stories for my online Young Adult class: The Twisted Window, The Third Eye, and I Know What You Did Last Summer ((yes, which the movie is based on; interesting, no?)). All of which I want to read! But I don't have time!! *defeated sigh*

How long does it take some of you to read a book? Families and work and other duties thrown in. I feel like such an epic fail.

Higher education is overrated.

I need to get back to homework. I promise to return soon with the lovely awards Misty left me; she's so nice. (:

Happy reading everyone, and I hope you have better luck than I!

Sorry I haven't visited blogs lately. I'm such a bad neighbor, but I promise to make time to do so soon!


Amy said...

I average about 2 books a day if my kids won't interrupt me with their petty fighting after always have my nose in a book! LOL

Jessica said...

You are NOT a fail! I get more reading done at some times than others. How many more do you have to go? Are you locked into reading only from your list, or could you choose any books? Come on - I'm pulling for you! I know how hard it can be but there's always a way, you can do it!

Jessica said...

OK, you can TOTALLY do this but you may have to adjust your approach. If you go to March (when you actually started), you have 24 weeks left to read 38 books. That's 1.6 books per week, and remember you will have a winter break in there (I assume). When I am feeling behind, I read a shorter book (my minimum page count to count is 100 pages). Gone with the Wind is a favorite of mine but it takes a month to get through, more if you're busy. On the other hand, Gregory Maguire (Wicked author) has a Christmas book coming out that is just over 100 pages.

Want to read it together?

Also give some thought to audiobooks, I just started that, my eyes get tired from work so audiobooks may help!

Jessica said...

Gregory Maguire wrote Wicked (the Wizard of Oz from the perspective of the Wicked Witch), also Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister. The Christmas book he is doing is called "Matchless" - he is re-inventing "the Little Match Girl". It's seasonal, it's different, and it's 112 pages :-) It will be out at end of October.

Take a deep breath and step back - this should be fun! And it will be!

Jessica said...

Wow a lot of Jessica's read your blog. lol we are invading : )
I think it really depends on mood, outlook and how good you are finding the book. Many factors really.
Sometimes my stress level will not let me focus and I leave a book only to return later when I am calmer and then breeze through. Sometimes a book will just bore or annoy me and I don't want to. But when you have to well the only suggestion I have is regroup and try again to focus and find the time when you can. My suggestion if your not doing it already bathroom.

Anonymous said...

Keep going! I know that feeling of too many classes and not enough hours in the day - this week I've felt permanently 'behind', but it's just one season of life, right? We all have cluttered times, but next week will be better!

So, my book pile at the moment is not going very well either - I'm reading one for a literature class, and the other two haven't been opened in a good three or four days now...whoops!

And, you're absolutely wrong - higher education is not overrated...but it does devour time and money...

Read on!
Rosie of BooksAndBakes

Erica said...

Well.... I read 50 books a year, at least, and I did that in college also. BUT. I have been plowing through book all of my life... as a kid I would read three or four books at a time and still finish them all in a week or two. I'm an odd ball. But that's just it, from what I hear... I do read oddly fast and it's completely normal to not read 50 books in a year.

I think the whole point is this: You read at your pace. You read for pleasure. Don't plow through a book just to meet a goal. I mean, making goals are nice but it's not an end all and definitely shouldn't hinder in whether or not you enjoy a book. It's just kinda how it all rolls.

If you're still trying to make the goal though try '50 books in 15 months' or something similar. Give yourself some more time and sit back, relax, and enjoy the book!