Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nothing Much Here

Thanks so much for the support regarding my last post, everyone. The comments and emails were discouraging.

School is still crazy busy; midterm is this week, so I have tons to do, but I'm managing.

Desipte the beaucoups of homework assignments, I've been able to cross The Chocolate War and soon The Twisted Window off my reading list. *smile* So, I have been quasi productive.

...this was just a little nothing post since I haven't been able to post lately.

**Thanks to those who have entered in my 2nd Giveaway.

Happy reading, everyone!


Jessica said...


*throws confetti*

MarthaE said...

Great that you are reading for pleasure while plugging away at texts too! That isn't easy! Don't be hard on yourself. Take joy in each book completed! :)